BMW 320d F30 Full Service & Brake Overhaul

BMW 320d F30 Full Service & Brake Overhaul

Cartisan recently received a service request from a customer who owns a 2014 BMW 320d (F30).   The car needed a general checkup which was carried out at the customer’s place. After the pre-service checkup was done, Cartisan provided the customer with a quotation for a periodic maintenance service as well as replacement of front and rear brake pads.   Once the customer accepted the quote, the car was picked up and taken to a Cartisan Workshop where the service was carried out.

First the car was raised up with the help of hydraulic jack’s and the bonnet was popped open.   The engine cover was removed followed by the air filter from the air filter housing. A brand new air filter from Muller was placed into the air filter housing. Next, the engine oil filter was removed. The engine oil was drained out from underneath the engine block. After the oil was completely drained out, a brand new oil filter from Hengst was installed and the block was filled with 5W-40 fully synthetic Mitasu Diesel Engine oil. The fuel filter was removed from underneath the car and replaced with a brand new one from Hengst. The cabin filter is located inside the car behind the dashboard on the passenger side of the car’s cabin. It was removed and replaced with a brand new filter from Muller. Next, each of the wheels were removed and the brake pads were removed from the brake calipers. The brake caliper piston’s needed to be decompressed which was done with the help of a c-clamp. this is in order to make space to accommodate the new thicker brake pads.   EBC Brake pads from UK were installed into the front calipers and Brembo brake pads were installed into the rear brake calipers. Brand new sensors were installed as well. Sensors help warn the driver when the brake pads are nearing the end of their life. The car was then parked in the washing bay for a full wash. A test drive was done to confirm that the service was carried out successfully.

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