2015 BMW 320d F30 Brembo Brake Pad Replacement

2015 BMW 320d F30 Brembo Brake Pad Replacement

This article describes, briefly, a BMW 320d Brake Pad Replacement, specifically, the 2015 F30 320d.


Would you consider the new F30 as an upgrade to the E90? I think it’s a completely new flavor. I wouldn’t necessarily use the term ‘upgrade’.


The E90 is a raw, fun, driver-oriented machine. Gun the E90 down the road and you may break a sweat despite switching the air con to ice mode. The heavy steering is work but the result of that hard work is a very responsive car indeed.


The F30, on the other hand, is much more civilized. It’s almost as though the Ultimate Drive Machine has gone a bit soft. The lightness of the steering wheel and the way the car responds isn’t completely in sync. That being said, this car is still fun to drive.


The F30 definitely trumps the E90 on its looks. I mean just look at it. The headlamps look mean and the body lines are much sharper. These sharp lines flow around the body of the F30 and wrap around the rear end to complete its aggressive stance.


BMW 320d Brake Pad Replacement


We arrived at the customer’s location equipped with the tools to carry out the brake overhaul for the BMW F30 320d. The Mechanic got to work by popping the bonnet open and unscrewing the brake fluid reservoir cap. He placed a jack underneath the car and raised the F30 up.



The Mechanic then removed the front wheel lug nuts and the front wheel itself. He loosened the caliper pins and removed the brake caliper cover to reveal the front brake pads. The Mechanic removed the worn/used brake pads and replaced them with brand new brake pads from Brembo.



Before replacing the brake pads, the Mechanic compressed the caliper piston on the caliper cover so that there would be more space available to house the new, thicker, front brake pads.


Like most BMW’s, the brake pads fitted to the front left wheel of the F30 are equipped with brake pad wear sensors. The Mechanic replaced this brake wear sensor with a brand new one from Brembo.


After completing the front brakes overhaul for the F30, the Mechanic placed both the wheels back onto the wheel hubs and lowered the car to the ground. I then got behind the wheel and took the car for a test drive and confirmed that the Brembo brake overhaul was a success!


BMW 320d Brake Pad Replacements – Simplified


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