Mercedes Benz ML350 Brake Pad Replacement

Mercedes Benz ML350 Brake Pad Replacement

I have written this article to describe, briefly, a luxury car service carried out by Cartisan. Namely, a Mercedes Benz ML350 brake pad replacement.


Mercedes Benz ML350 Brake Pad Replacement


The owner of the ML350 got in touch with the Cartisan Service Team by means of the Cartisan app! The ML350’s onboard computer displayed a warning to the owner that the brake pads needed replacement. The Cartisan Service Team provided the owner of the ML350 with a detailed estimate for his requirement. He accepted the quote as he found it quite reasonable.


At the owner’s convenience, the Cartisan Service Team arrived at his doorstep. The mechanic removed the hydraulic jack and all other necessary tools from the Cartisan service vehicle. He placed the hydraulic jack under the ML350 and lifted it up.



Next, the Mechanic removed the front wheels of the Mercedes to reveal brake rotors and worn out brake pads. Thereafter, he set about removing the brake pads from the brake calipers. Afterward, having removed the brake pads, the Mechanic unboxed brand new brake pads from Brembo. He installed these in place of the old brake pads and bolted the caliper shut. This process was repeated for both front wheels. The Mechanic connects a  brand new Brembo brake wear sensor, which is responsible for warning the driver of excessive pad wear, to the front right set of brake pads.




ML350 Front Brake Pad Part No : P50109


The Mechanic then lowers the ML350 to the ground. The service adviser gets in and takes the car for a test drive. He confirms that the brake overhaul carried out by his service team was a success!


old vs new Front Brembo Brake Pads


Mercedes Benz Brake Pad Replacement – Simplified!


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