Audi Service – 2013 A6 with Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40

Audi Service – 2013 A6 with Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40

This article is written to briefly describe an Audi Service carried out by the Cartisan team. The model was a 2013 A6 which had covered approximately 60,000km.


Audi Service – 2013 A6


The customer visited the Cartisan Preferred Workshop as planned. After handing over, the Service Adviser parked the A6 in the service bay. The Cartisan Mechanic propped the arms of the lift underneath the A6. He loosened the wheel lug nuts and popped open the bonnet. The service was underway.



First, the Mechanic removed the engine air filter from the air filter box. The Audi A6’s filter is cylindrical in shape, similar to that of a VW Polo TDI. The Mechanic replaced this filter with a brand new filter from Hengst.



The Mechanic raised the car up to access the engine oil drain nut from underneath. He unscrewed the oil sump drain nut and let the oil drain out completely. The Mechanic placed the nut back onto the sump and tightened it after completely draining out the oil.



Next, The Mechanic located the fuel filter which is situated on the right side of the A6’s underchassis. He removed this fuel filter and installed a brand new one from Hengst.



The Mechanic then removed each wheel from the A6. He removed the brake pads from the calipers and cleaned them.


The brake pads for this particular A6 were in useable condition. The Mechanic cleaned them using emery paper and replaced them.



After completing the brake overhaul, the Mechanic places all four wheels back onto the car and lowers the A6 down.


From the engine bay, the Mechanic removes the oil filter and replaces it with a brand new oil filter from Hengst. Finally, he pours in approximately 6 liters of 5W-40 fully synthetic engine oil from Shell.



Last but not the least, the Mechanic replaced the AC filter. Clogged or overworn AC filters leads to foul odour and loss of air pressure in the air flow.




Audi Service & Maintenance Costs – Simplified


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View the video slideshow of the 2013 A6 service on the player below –






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