2011 Audi Q5 Regular Service & Brake Replacement

2011 Audi Q5 Regular Service & Brake Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out an Audi Q5 Service & Brake Replacement.

The car was due for a periodic maintenance service. Cartisan carried out an inspection prior to the service. The technician confirmed that the brake pads needed replacement as well.

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The Cartisan service team picked up the Q5 on the specified date and time and took it to a Cartisan workshop.

Audi Q5 Service & Brake Replacement

The Cartisan technician parked the Audi Q5 in the service bay. He raised the car up with the help of a hydraulic jack. The technician began the service by popping the bonnet open and draining out the engine oil by unscrewing the engine oil drain nut from underneath the engine block.

The technician removed the engine oil filter after draining out the engine oil and replaced it with a brand new oil filter from Hengst.



He removed the air filter and replaced it with a brand new one from Hengst.


The Cartisan technician removed all the 4 wheels from the Audi Q5. He unmounted the brake calipers from the brake rotors and replaced the brake pads for the front and rear wheels. He installed Brembo brake pads in the rear & Textar brake pads in the front.


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The technician, after replacing the brakes, opened a can of 5W-40 Shell Helix Ultra Synthetic Oil & poured it into the engine block. The Audi Q5 consumes approximately 5.5 liters of engine oil.

The technician removed the cabin filter and inspected it to find that it needed replacement. He installed a brand new one from Hengst into the AC filter housing which is located inside the cabin behind the dashboard.

Audi car maintenance – Simplified

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You can watch the service on the player below!

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