Audi A8 Brake Pad Replacement with EBC Brakes

Audi A8 Brake Pad Replacement with EBC Brakes

I’ve written this article to describe an Audi A8 brake pad replacement service. The Cartisan Service team carried out this service. A service adviser and technician makes up the Cartisan Service Team.


Audi A8 Brake Pad Replacement – how to book?


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Audi A8 Brake Pad Replacement


The Audi A8 is a massive luxury car. And it goes fast. To stop something that moves so fast, you need the best kind of brakes available on the market. EBC, a British company, manufactures brake pads for cars like the Audi A8. These brake pads adhere to manufacturer specifications and, in some cases, are even better than the stock OEM brake pads. Cartisan recommended that the owner of this A8 get EBC brake pads to replace the worn out old ones.



After providing a detailed estimate with brake pad part numbers the customer approved and the Cartisan Service Team picked up the A8 and took it to the closest Cartisan Preferred Workshop. Once there, the Cartisan adviser parked the A8 in the service bay. The Mechanic set about placing the arms of the two post lift underneath the Audi A8 so the car could be raised.


Before raising the car, the mechanic loosened the wheel lug nuts, a practice all mechanics followed. Thereafter, once the car was raised up in the air, the Mechanic set about removing the front wheels. This revealed the brake rotors and calipers. The calipers house the brake pads. The mechanic used a screw driver and a socket wrench, with the appropriate bit, and opened the brake calipers. He removed the worn out brake pads.



In order to accomodate the new thicker brake pads, the Mechanic used a C-Clamp to decompress the brake caliper pistons. Thereafter, the Mechanic installed the brand new EBC brake pads. Part Number : DP1988. 


Moreover, the Mechanic plugged in new brake wear sensors into the brake pads. When the brake pads wear beyond a certain limit, the sensor is activated and this is what displays the warning inside the drivers instrument cluster. Therefore its of utmost importance to replace this brake wear sensors everytime the brake pads are replaced.


Finally, the mechanic mounted the wheels back onto the car, after tightening the brake calipers. The Cartisan adviser took the car out for a test drive and confirmed that the brake pad replacement was a success.



Audi Services – Simplified


We at Cartisan pride ourselves in offering quality services with transparency and at reasonable prices. If you’d like to read brake pad replacement case studies of other cars, you can select one of the links below. Cartisan offers a variety of services for premium cars. I’ve attached links to a few of our case studies below for your reference.


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