2014 Audi A4 Service by Cartisan

2014 Audi A4 Service by Cartisan

I’ve written this article to describe, briefly, the service carried out on a 2014 Audi A4 35 TDI.

The ’14 Audi A4


The Audi A4 was one of the first sedans from the German heavyweight to hit Indian roads. That particular model was much more compact and about the size of the current day A3. The styling was unconventional, yet not too striking. Audi doesn’t seem to like building cars with flare. They’re more for the sober, calm and composed individual.


The car in question today is the A4 that came two generations later. This particular models oozes luxury and class. The styling is sleek and subtle but very pleasing to the eye. Step inside and you’re looking at a large 4 spoke steering wheel. The switchgear and buttons aren’t designed as well as you’d expect for the kind of money you pay for the A4.


When you push the keyfob in the socket and fire up the 2.0 TDI engine, the first thing that strikes you is that the car is very well refined. Once you get going the steering starts acting up and it feels all slow and lazy. The Audi A4 is definitely not for the fast and furious but rather for the fast and lazy. Its as though the car takes its time to respond to your steering input.

Nevertheless, it is luxurious and good to look at. And not all too boring to drive.


Audi A4 Service


After a preliminary test drive to understand the condition of the car, I took the A4 to the Cartisan Preferred Workshop where the work was to be carried out. The Mechanics were waiting at the service bay where i parked the car. They placed the arms of the lift underneath the Audi. The Mechanics loosened the wheel lug nuts while I popped open the bonnet.



Filter Replacements


One of the Mechanics located the air filter and removed it from the air filter housing. He installed a brand new air filter from Mann Filters in its place.



The other Mechanic meanwhile removed the oil filter from the engine block. He then raised the car up using the two post lift. Both the Mechanics, together, removed the engine under chassis shield so that the engine oil could be drained.



After they drained the engine oil, the Mechanics removed the fuel filter which is located on the right side, underneath the A4. They installed a brand new Mann Filter fuel filter in its place.



Brake Cleaning & Overhaul


The Mechanics removed the wheels from the A4 to reveal the brake pads and rotors. They removed the brake pads from the rear brake calipers and cleaned them with the help of Emery/Sandpaper.


The front rotors and pads were worn out past the limit. The Mechanics installed brand new front brake rotors from Brembo and new brake pads from Textar.



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Work Completed


Finally, after the brake cleaning and overhaul was completed, the Mechanics installed a new Oil filter from Mann Filter into the engine block. They then poured approximately 5 liters of fully synthetic engine oil from Mitasu into the engine block.



Audi Service – Simplified


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Watch the service video here!


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