3 Signs your car might need new brakes

3 Signs your car might need new brakes

Are you hearing squeaky noises when you apply the brakes to slow down? Does the brake pedal feel spongy and unresponsive when you put your foot on it?

The braking system is very important safety feature of the car and if it’s not in good condition it could very well result in a fatal accident.

There are many signs that your car needs new brakes. In order to save you some time and money, here are the most common symptoms that show your car needs new brake pads, shoes, drums, rotors and calipers or at least warrants an inspection.


  1. My car brakes make a squeaking noise

This is very common and could mean your brakes are dirty, or they are worn down to bare metal.

If the braking performance is absolutely fine but you can still hear the squeaking sound when you press the brake pedal, chances are your brake pads are fine and just need to be cleaned.

In case of drum brakes which are commonly present on the rear wheels of cars, the brake shoes will need to be replaced or cleaned.

If the squeaks are very loud and sound like scraping parts, it’s very likely that your brake pads or shoes have worn down to bare metal and are scraping against the brake rotors or the brake drums

  1. The brake pedal is soft

A lack of braking pressure can be scary especially while travelling at high speeds. This could be a result of low brake fluid caused due to leaking calipers, brake cylinders, brake lines or air in the braking system.

The brake cylinders are are responsible for actuating the brake pads or shoes to exert force on the brake rotors or drums and thereby slowing down the wheels.

  1. The steering wheel shakes when braking

Shaking steering wheel doesn’t necessarily mean that the brake pads are worn out – it usually means that they’re simply deformed due to the uneven surface of the brake disc/rotor.

This can be rectified by simply ‘turning’ or ‘facing’ the brake rotor on a lathe machine. But the longer you wait the higher the chances are of a complete brake rotor replacement.  


So if you experience any of these signs in your car it’s advisable to get them checked with your mechanic. Cartisan offers doorstep brakes inspection, cleaning and overhaul to offer more convenience to customers.

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