2016 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Brembo Brakes replacement

2016 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Brembo Brakes replacement

The Polo GT TSI is one of the warmest (if not the hottest) of hatches on Indian roads today. A 7-speed dual-clutch DSG automatic gearbox mated with a 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine produces a whole lot of thrill and fun on the roads. Sadly, the owner of this particular GT TSI wore out the car’s brakes in a mere 16,000 kms! This precisely is why he booked an appointment with Cartisan for a complete Polo GT TSI Brembo brakes Overhaul!

A quote was provided, the customer agreed and the Cartisan service team arrived at the customer’s location to carry out the service.

(You can read more about Brembo braking components here)

Polo GT TSI Brakes cost

The quote was as follows –

  1. Brembo Brake Pads – Rs. 3950/-
  2. Brembo Brake Rotors – Rs. 6495/-
  3. Brake Overhaul Labour – Rs. 500/-

The total estimate was approximately Rs. 10995/- incl of all taxes and doorstep fitment! (It’s important to note that these prices are subjected to changes over time)

Polo GT TSI Brembo brakes replacement process

First, the bonnet was popped open followed by the brake fluid reservoir cap. During a brake overhaul, the brake piston is decompressed to create space for the new thicker brake pads. This results in pressure change inside the brake fluid lines and so the reservoir cap is opened to allow for this pressure variation.

The car is raised up with the help of a hydraulic jack. The wheels are removed after which the brake pads are removed from the brake calipers. The calipers are then removed from the brake rotors. Finally, the brake rotor is unscrewed from the wheel hub.

A brand new Brembo brake rotor is mounted on the wheel hub, followed by the brake caliper, new Brembo brake pads and finally, the caliper is screwed shut.

The wheels are mounted back onto the hubs and the car is lowered to the ground and taken for a test drive to confirm the service was completed successfully.


Volkswagen Polo Brakes replacement – simplified

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