2016 Audi Q3 Paint Sealant Application

2016 Audi Q3 Paint Sealant Application

Cartisan recently carried out a 2016 Audi Q3 Paint Sealant Application


If you’re looking to get long-lasting shine and paint protection for your car, then the paint sealant treatment is the right way to go.


Why Paint Sealant?


As compared to a natural wax application, paint sealants last for a longer time due to the presence of polymers and silicone fluids in their chemical composition. It also gives your car superb shine.


While natural wax lasts up to a few weeks, once you’ve applied Paint Sealant to your car, with proper care it could last up to 6 months!

2016 Audi Q3 Paint Sealant Application Process


  1. Car wash – The Q3 gets a complete dry wash to remove any dust or particles on its surface. At the later stages of this process, the Cartisan Cleaning Team will apply polish to the body of the Audi. If by any chance there’s dust or dirt between the surface of the car and the polish applicator, it could risk scratching the paint of the car.
  2. Sanding using wet sandpaper – the Cartisan Cleaning Team rub the entire Q3 down with wet sandpaper. This further removes any impurities on the surface of the paint.
  3. Polish using an orbital buffer – The Cartisan Cleaning Team uses an orbital buffer to apply polish to the surface of the paint of the car. The Cleaning Team uses the buffer to rub the polish into the paint of the car. This is done till the polish residue disappears.
  4. Paint Sealant Application – A soft cloth is used to wipe away any polish residue that might be left over on the paint. The Cleaning Team then uses a soft applicator pad to apply the paint sealant onto the surface of the Audi Q3.
  5. Buff to shine – The Cleaning team uses a clean soft cloth to wipe over the applied sealant, in circular motions, till the surface shines.



Keeping your Audi in top shape – simplified


You can download the Cartisan app and choose from a variety of cleaning services for your car. You can also get in touch with us through the Cartisan Website.


Watch the slideshow of the service here




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