2015 Mercedes-Benz C-220 CDI W205 Rear Bumper Repair & Paint

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-220 CDI W205 Rear Bumper Repair & Paint

Cartisan recently completed a 2015 Mercedes Benz C220 bumper repair in Bangalore.

The scratch was hardly noticeable but nevertheless, a quotation was provided. The customer accepted and the car was picked up and taken to the closest Cartisan Preferred Workshop. This particular customer likes to keep his car in top shape all the time!

On reaching the workshop, the car was inspected thoroughly. It was identified that the entire car was wrapped in Paint Protection Film (PPF). The PPF was first removed before the work was carried out.

Mercedes Benz C220 Paint Repair

First, the bumper was wiped clean and metal body filler was applied to those places on the rear bumper where there were scratches and minor dents. A rotary sanding machine equipped with an abrasive pad was used to shape the body filler such that it blended in with the rest of the bumper. The finishing touches were done by a hand held sand paper wrapped around a rigid rubber block for support.


Once the body filler cured, it was sprayed with surfacer. The purpose of the surfacer is to cover the body filler and to form a consistent surface along with the old paint. It is very crucial that the filler along with the surfacer applied on top of it is done with care as it determines the life of the newly painted surface.

After the surfacer is dried, the entire bumper is rubbed with wet sand paper to ensure the surface is smooth and free of contaminants and surface impurities.

Mercedes Benz C220 Bumper painting

The car is then driven into the paint booth where the edges of the bumper are masked. This is to prevent paint from falling on the surrounding body panels. Masking is done with the help of masking tape and paper.

The bumper is then sprayed with two coats of Iridium Silver paint. After the two coats of paint are applied, a clear coat is also sprayed onto the bumper in order to give it shine.

The car is then left inside the paint booth for the paint to bake for a couple of hours.


Once the paint is completely dried, the car is parked in the detailing bay. The bumper is rubbed with wet sanding paper. This is done to even out the surface and to rid it of impurities and contaminants.

Polish is then applied to the bumper and is buffed with the help of a rotary polishing machine.

Finally after polishing, the car is parked in the washing bay where it gets a thorough wash.

A brand new layer of PPF is installed before returning the car to the customer!

Mercedes Benz Scratch Repair and Painting – Simplified

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