2014 Volkswagen Polo Brembo Brake Pad & Grooved Rotor Replacement

2014 Volkswagen Polo Brembo Brake Pad & Grooved Rotor Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out a 2014 Volkswagen Polo Brembo Brake Pad & Grooved Rotor Replacement in BangaloreThe car had covered approximately 35,000kms.


The complaint…


The customer could feel vibrations from the wheels while applying the brakes of his VW Polo. This vibration would also travel through the steering wheel when the brakes were applied hard enough.


He requested for the following parts to be installed in his car in place of the stock parts

  • Brembo Brake Pads
  • Brembo Slotted/Grooved Brake Rotors


To learn more about the different varieties of Brembo Brake Components available, click here


Benefits of Slotted/Grooved Brake Rotors


Slotted/Grooved brake rotors have a better performance rating as compared to regular brake rotors. When a driver applies brakes, the brake pads rub against the brake rotors or discs which generates a layer of gas as well as brake dust. The grooves on the face of the rotor help dissipate this gas & dust which allows for more contact between the surface of the brake pad & brake rotor. Increased pad bite means more consistent and effective braking.


The grooves on the face of the rotor also combat brake fading by creating a means of ventilation.



2014 Volkswagen Polo Brembo Brake Pad & Grooved Rotor Replacement



The Cartisan Technician, equipped with a GoPro camera, pops the bonnet open and opens the brake reservoir cap. This is done in order to prevent excessive pressure build-up in the brake fluid lines while working.



The car is raised up with the help of a hydraulic lift. The front wheel’s lugs are unscrewed and the wheel is unmounted from the hub.


The brake rotor is held to the hub by a small screw. This screw is unscrewed. Then, the brake caliper pins are loosened and the caliper is unmounted from the rotor. The used brake pads fitted to the calipers are removed. Once the caliper assembly is completely removed, the technician unmounts the brake rotor from the wheel hub.


The technician then mounts the new grooved Brembo brake rotor onto the wheel hub. The part of the caliper that holds the brake pads is then mounted onto the brake rotor and the technician fits the new Brembo brake pads to it.


The caliper cover is placed over the brake pads and the caliper pins are screwed tight.



The wheel is then mounted back onto the hub and the same process is repeated for the other front wheel.


Brembo Brake overhaul for your Volkswagen Polo – simplified


Get an estimate for a new set of Brembo grooved rotors and Brake pads for your car. Use the Cartisan app to create a request or get in touch with us through the Cartisan Website.


Watch the video of the complete service here!

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