2014 BMW 320d F30 Service

2014 BMW 320d F30 Service

Cartisan recently carried out a 2014 BMW 320d F30 Service. The car had clocked around 50,302 km on the odometer.


2014 BMW 320d F30 Service


At Cartisan, we recommend the following items be replaced or topped up as part of a periodic full-service for your BMW –

  • Engine Oil – The recommended engine oil grade is 5W-40
  • Oil Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • AC Cabin Filter
  • Coolant Top Up

As part of the service, the Cartisan Technician will also remove all wheels and clean the brake pads as well.


2014 BMW 320d F30 Service Process


Once the car reaches the Cartisan Preferred Workshop, the Cartisan Adviser parks the car in the service bay and the Cartisan technician pops the bonnet open. The two post lift arms are placed under the car so that the car can be raised up.

First, the Cartisan Technician removes the air filter from the engine bay. He replaces this air filter with a brand new Hengst air filter.


The Cartisan Technician unscrews the engine oil drain nut from underneath the engine block so that the engine oil drains out completely. He then removes the oil filter from the engine bay and replaced it with a brand new oil filter from Hengst.

The technician then unmounts the wheels from the car and uses the lift to raise the car up.

The front & rear brake pads were removed from their calipers. They were in good condition so the technician cleaned them with sandpaper and placed them back inside the calipers.


The Cartisan technician then located the fuel filter which is located underneath the car. He removed the fuel filter and replaced it with a brand new fuel filter from Hengst.

The car is then lowered down to the ground and the technician mounts the wheels back on. The technician removes the cabin air filter from behind the glove compartment and replaces it with a brand new cabin filter from Hengst.

The technician then pours coolant into the coolant reservoir.


Finally, the Cartisan Technician pours approximately 5.5 liters of fully synthetic engine oil into the engine block. The Cartisan adviser then fires up the BMW 320d’s engine. He resets the service reminder and takes the car for a test drive to confirm that the service was completed successfully.

Servicing your BMW – simplified


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