2015 Audi A4 Brembo Brake Pad Replacement

2015 Audi A4 Brembo Brake Pad Replacement

If you own an Audi A4 and you’re looking to get a new set of brake pads installed then you’ve come to the right place! At Cartisan, we provide all kinds of services for your Premium Car. The following article briefly describes an Audi A4 Brembo Brake Pad replacement.

This particular Audi A4 that we worked on was a 2014 model. The A4 had clocked around 25,000km on the odometer and was due for its first rear brake pad replacement.


At Cartisan, we insist on carrying out work based upon a preliminary inspection. So when the Cartisan adviser first inspected the A4, he pointed out that rear brake rotors too had worn out. Our customer support team, through the Cartisan app, provided the owner of the car with a quotation for the complete brake overhaul service. The customer accepted and the process was underway.


Audi A4 Brembo Brake Pad Replacement


On the specified date and time, the Cartisan Team arrived at the customer’s home address. The customer parked his car in a spacious garage where our service team set about prepping the car for the brake overhaul. The Cartisan mechanic lifted the car up using a hydraulic jack and, using a wheel spanner, removed the rear wheels. Once the wheels were off, the mechanic began unscrewing the bolts holding the brake caliper in place. After he removed the calipers, the mechanic unmounted the rear brake disc from the wheel hub.



Just so you know, Cartisan recommends Brembo brake components for all premium cars! After all, they are one of the best brake component manufacturers in the world! The mechanic removed the brand new Brembo brake discs from its case. He mounted the discs on to the wheel hub of the Audi A4 after which he installed the brake pads into the calipers. The mechanic replaced the brake calipers and secured them by tightening its bolts.


Brembo Brake Pad Part no : p85113. Brembo Brake Disc Part no : 09.A82011


The mechanic repeated the same process for the other rear wheel.


After he completed the work, the mechanic lowered the car to the ground, secured the wheels and gave the go ahead to the Cartisan Adviser. The adviser got behind the wheel of the A4 and took it out for a test drive. He confirmed that the work was carried out succesfully.



Audi Brake Pad Replacement – Simplified


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