2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Brake Pad Replacement

2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Brake Pad Replacement

I really like the design language of the new Mercedes-Benz model range. It’s much more fluid and there are hardly any lines on the car! Sleek and futuristic is how I sum it up. Take the new E-Class(W213) for example – it almost looks like a long, stretched out,  silver bullet than a silver arrow. However, there is a certain charm to the boxy and somewhat old school look of the W212 E250, which I miss. I can’t help but get over the fact that, in the near future, the great old cars we grew so fond off will one day become a mere memory, a photo in a musuem or a blogpost. So, I was thrilled when the Cartisan Service Team and I had a chance to carry out an E-Class Brake Pad Replacement. We installed Brembo Brake Components, which is the brand we recommend for all luxury cars.



The Mercedes-Benz E-250, W212



The model in particular is the fourth generation 2013 E250 CDI. The W212 E250 made its public debut at the North American International Auto Show way back in 2013. The fourth generation W212 featured a compelely restyled front end. The slightly boxy design of the rear stayed and, I believe, this was around the time when Mercedes slowly started to test the waters with their new design language. The front end of this Merc was a sort of trailer for the fluidic versions to come.



The twin headlamp design was replaced with a singlular front light, marking the end of Mercedes’ dual headlamp use. The E250 was fitted with a 2.2 liter inline four cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that can develop 204bhp and a peak torque of 500Nm! That’s quite a bit. Especially on Indian roads. The steering is light and comfortable. I love the fact that each automaker has their own unique sense of driving dynamics. Mercedes’ range of luxurious sedan cars are embedded with a certain kind of driving DNA that’s very elegant. The steering is smooth and light but when you put your foot down, you can change direction with ease and fair amount of precision.


Another result of putting down is a strong surge of power that is sent to the rear wheels. The brilliance of advancements in braking, steering, tyres and other automotive technology is such that the end result is you can drive a car as big and heavy as the E250 as though you were driving a Volkswagen Polo. The E250 is made for highway drives and the car handles speed with poise and the coveted human experience of luxury and class.


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Brake Pad Replacement


Containing excitement, as mentioned above, I received the owner of the E250, and his car, at the Cartisan Preferred Workshop. I parked the E250 in the service bay. Once the car was parked, the Mechanic placed and secured the arms of the lift underneath it. Afterwards, he popped open the bonnet and opened the steering fluid reservoir cap.




The Mechanic then raised the car up high enough so he could remove its wheels. The following process was carried out by the Mechanic at each wheel –


The brake caliper bolts were unscrewed and removed. He removed the caliper cover to reveal the brake pads in the caliper bracket. After removing the brake pads, the Mechanic removed the bracket as well. He did this so that he could finally unscrew and unmount the brake disc from the wheel hub. The old brake discs had worn out unevenly. Uneven or excessive wear is usually a result of intermittent braking. It’s always best to practice gradual or steady braking so that the brake discs (rotors) wear out evenly.



The Mechanic unboxed brand new brake components  – new sets of front and rear brake pads and brake discs from Brembo. The new parts were installed to the Mercedes-Benz E-250. Afterwards, the caliper covers were placed back onto their respective brackets. The Mechanic ensured that all brake systems were secured and he lowered the car down to the ground.



All the while the service was going on, I filled in a complete inspection report for the E-250 on my Cartisan Field App which was sent to the owners email.


After the Mechanic completely inspected the car, I got behind the wheel and took the car out for a test drive. After a series of brake tests, I confirmed that the service was carried out successfully.


Mercedes-Benz Service – Simplified


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