2013 BMW X3 F25 Brembo Rear Brake Pad Replacement

2013 BMW X3 F25 Brembo Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out a 2013 BMW X3 F25 Brembo Rear Brake Pad Replacement. The car had clocked approximately 40,500km on the odometer.


Our customer was warned by the onboard computer that his rear brake pads were due for replacement. The customer opted to get new Brembo brake pads installed by Cartisan.


2013 BMW X3 F25 Brembo Rear Brake Pad Replacement


Upon arriving at the customer’s location, the Cartisan service adviser first popped the bonnet open and unscrewed the cap of the brake reservoir tank.


The Cartisan technician then raised the car up with the help of a hydraulic jack.


Then, the Cartisan technician unscrewed the wheel lug nuts and unmounted the wheel from the hub. He then removed the brake caliper from the brake rotor and removed the brake pads from the caliper support bracket.



The technician then placed brand new Brembo brake pads into the brake caliper brackets and placed the caliper back onto the brake rotor.


The brake pads fitted to the right rear brake rotor of the BMW X3 are equipped with brake wear sensors. The brake wear sensor is connected to the brake pad at one end and the electric circuit of the car at the other. The Cartisan technician removes this brake wear sensor and replaces it with a brand new brake wear sensor from Brembo.



To know more about Brembo brake components, click here!


The technician then mounts the wheels back onto the car and lowers the car to the ground. The Cartisan Adviser then took the car out for a test drive to confirm that the brake replacement was carried out successfully.

Brake Replacements for your BMW – Simplified


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You watch the video of the complete service here!


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