2013 BMW X3 F25 Brembo Brake Replacement

2013 BMW X3 F25 Brembo Brake Replacement

Cartisan recently carried out a 2013 BMW X3 F25 Brembo Brake Replacement. The car had run around 45,000km and was due for the following parts replacements


  • Brembo Front Brake Pads
  • Brembo Front Brake Rotors
  • Brake Wear Sensor


Cartisan provided a quote to the customer for the above-mentioned services, he accepted, and the Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customer’s location to carry out the service.

(You can read more about Brembo braking components here)

2013 BMW X3 F25 Brembo Brake Replacement

The Cartisan Technician, equipped with a GoPro camera to capture the service, first pops open the bonnet, unscrews the cap of the brake fluid reservoir.


He then lifts the car up with the help of a hydraulic jack and places a stand underneath the chassis for support and precaution. The Cartisan Technician then proceeds to unscrew the wheel lug nuts and unmount the wheel from the wheel hub.


The technician then unmounts the brake caliper from the brake rotors and removes the brake pads from the caliper. Once the pads are removed and the caliper is unmounted, the brake rotor is unscrewed and unmounted from the wheel hub.


For the left front wheel, a brake wear sensor is attached to the brake pads which warns the driver once the brake pads are worn to their useable limit. This sensor is moved as well.


The technician then mounts a brand new Brembo brake rotor onto the wheel hub and after screwing it into place mounts the brake caliper and finally fits brand new Brembo brake pads to the brake calipers. A brand new Brembo brake wear sensor is connected to the new Brembo brake pads and the wheel is mounted back onto the hub.

The brake replacement warnings are then reset, and the Cartisan Service Adviser takes the BMW X3 out for a test drive to confirm that the work was completed successfully.


Booking a brake overhaul for your BMW – simplified.


Request for an estimate for your BMW X3 by using the Cartisan app or through the Cartisan Website.


Watch the video of the service below!

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