2013 BMW 320d Brake Pad Replacement

2013 BMW 320d Brake Pad Replacement

This article is written to describe, briefly, how Cartisan carried out a 2013 BMW 320d Brake Pad replacement.


The BMW F30 320d


The F30 is the 6th and latest Generation of 3 Series, one of the most iconic models produced by the German Manufacturer. BMW has been producing the models under the 3 Series badge for around 34 years. There are quite a few variants of F30 available, one of which is the 320d that is featured in this article. This particular model had clocked around 29000km and was due for a brake pad replacement.


The owner of the F30 was keen on installing genuine BMW spares. Once the Cartisan Service team had received the parts, we arrived at the customer’s location prepared to carry out the brake pad replacement.


BMW 320d Brake Pad Replacement


The Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customers location with the necessary tools to carry out the brake pad replacement. The Mechanic used a hydraulic jack to the lift the 320d up and he placed stands underneath the chassis to secure it. Cartisan is extremely proficient at carrying out Brake Overhauls for BMW’s, especially the 320d. So the Mechanic carried out the job like clockwork –


First, the Mechanic popped the bonnet open and opened the brake fluid reservoir cap. He did this to avoid any excessive pressure build up within the brake fluid lines since he would be making adjustments to the brake caliper pistons.



Right after this, the Mechanic proceeded to remove the wheels from the car. The Mechanic works on one side at a time. So he first removed the wheels on the left side. He unscrewed the bolts from the brake calipers and removed it from the caliper bracket that holds the brake pads. He removed the old brake pads and installed brand new BMW genuine brake pads.



The Mechanic also replaced the brake wear sensors attached to the brake pads. The purpose of these sensors is to warn the driver when the brake pads have worn beyond a certain limit.


As part of a preliminary inspection that was done on a date before the brake overhaul, the Cartisan Team had informed the customer that the front brake rotors were worn out. These too were replaced by the Cartisan Mechanic.



After completing the similar process for the left two wheels, the Mechanic lowered the car to the ground. The Cartisan Service Engineer then got behind the wheel and took the car out for a test drive. After a series of brake tests, the Service Engineer confirmed that the Mechanic had carried out the brake overhaul successfully.


BMW Brake Pad Replacements – Simplified


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