2012 Range Rover Evoque Service

2012 Range Rover Evoque Service

by Vfawke


This article is about how Cartisan recently carried out a Range Rover Evoque Service. The car had clocked around 75,000km on the odometer and was due for its periodic maintenance service.

The Range Rover Evoque


Land Rover has been creating beautiful, monstrously powerful and highly effective offroading vehicles for more than 40 years now. Around the year 2011, they launched a new compact SUV designed for urban dwellers. They called it the Range Rover Evoque.



The Evoque is a compact SUV. And that it surely is. In pictures it looks misleadingly large. In the metal, the Evoque is only as big as a Ford Ecosport. The styling and design are impeccable. This particular Evoque that we had to service was a 2012 SD4 model and after all these years, it still looks fast and well ahead of its time. If you’re driving down the road, whichever road, in one of these, you are bound to turn some heads.



The interiors are just as sleek and elegant as the exterior. And for a change, the gear ‘knob’ that pops up out of the center console once you turn on the ignition, actually goes well with the buttons and knobs and the sleek trim. Unlike its German rivals (Porsche, BMW, Audi) the 2012 Evoque is not equipped with brake pad warning sensors, oil level monitoring gauges and other much needed service warning indicators which is a huge disappointment given the price tag. In every other sense, the cabin is elegant and beautiful, especially when the lights are on in the night time. Its a good balance between sportiness and luxury.




When you actually get going, the Evoque feels very posh and restrained. The slightly heavy set steering wheel gives a good feel of the car and the road. Not to mention looks very sporty. Put your foot down and there’s no drama. There’s no feeling of “oh no, that’s too much”. And that doesn’t mean that the Evoque isn’t fast. On the contrary, the Evoque is so well built that when you’re doing 120kmph, it feels more like you’re going at 70kmph. This is a huge plus point for those who travel long distances on a regular basis.


To sum it up, its not a car to have too much fun in, rather it gets you from A to B in luxury and style, with a slight sporty flavor.


Range Rover Evoque Service


After picking up the Evoque from the customer, I drove it to the Cartisan Preferred Workshop where the Mechanic was waiting with the tools required to carry out a regular service for the Evoque. As part of the service, we were to replace the Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Cabin Filter & Fuel Filter. Also, we were to remove the brake pads and clean them.


I parked the Evoque in the service bay pulled the bonnet open lever inside the cabin. The Mechanic loosened the wheel lug nuts. After he popped the bonnet open and removed the engine cover, the Mechanic lifted the car up with the help of a two-post lift.



He removed the wheels from the Evoque and proceeded to remove the under-chassis engine cover. The Mechanic unscrewed the engine oil drain nut from underneath the engine sump and drained out the engine oil completely. He then proceeded to remove the engine oil filter which is located between the engine block and the front bumper. Getting the oil filter out is a bit tricky as you can’t really see it clearly due to its position.



The Mechanic installed a new Hengst oil filter and lowered the car back down so he could replace the cabin air filter. After replacing the cabin air filter with a new one from Hengst, he disconnected the fuel lines from the fuel filter, removed it & installed a brand new fuel filter from Hengst. The air filter and fuel filter both, can be accessed from the engine bay. The air filter was replaced with a brand new one.


Brake Cleaning


The Mechanic then proceeded to unscrew the brake caliper bolts and removed the brake pads from inside them. He cleaned the brake pads and placed them back into the brake calipers. The process is same for both front and rear sets of brake pads and calipers.


The Mechanic mounted all 4 tyres back onto the Evoque and lowered it down to the ground. He tightened the wheel lug nuts and I got in behind the wheel to carry out a routine check of all functional systems. While the service was in progress, I carried out a thorough inspection of tyres, brakes, suspension components, and filled up a checklist accordingly on my Cartisan Service app. Upon completion, the checklist gets mailed to the owner of the Evoque. I also updated the owner through every step of the way through the Cartisan app.


Finally, the Mechanic poured approximately 6 liters of engine oil into the engine block. The oil used was 5W-40 fully synthetic oil from Mitasu.



After a thorough cleaning, I dropped off the Evoque to the customers’ place.



Servicing your Range Rover – Simplified


Servicing your Range Rover has never been as simple as with Cartisan. Simply request for an estimate using the Cartisan app. You can also check out our Range Rover Evoque Maintenance costs here. For every service booking made through Cartisan, you can get 10% cash back in the form of Cartisan Club Points



Watch the video of the entire service here!




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