2012 BMW X5 Regular Service

2012 BMW X5 Regular Service

Written by vfawkeThis article is about a BMW X5 Service carried out by Cartisan. The model was a 2012 E70 X5 XDrive30d.


BMW X5 – Quick Review


Stand outside the X5 and it looks big and muscular. This particular X5 was a dark shade of red and looked very sporty. This model had large intake vents on the front bumper and twin exhausts on the rear. The 2012 E70 is powered by a 3.0 diesel engine. The cabin space is similar to every other BMW of its generation. Neat & functional with good quality plastics, comfy seats and a steering wheel that is perfectly positioned. Like all BMW’s, the driver position and visibility couldn’t be better. The BMW X5 is the kind of SUV that surprises you when you drive it. The car handles like a hatchback with a steering feedback that is more lighter in balance. The BMW iDrive system adds a lot of value in terms of service warnings, multimedia playback and is very easy and straightforward to operate.


BMW X5 Service


I arrived at the X5 owners location at the predetermined date and time. After the usual handing over formalities, I drove the car to our Cartisan Preffered Workshop where the Mechanic was waiting to carry out the X5’s periodic maintenance service.


Once i reached the garage, I parked the BMW in the service bay. The Mechanic placed the arms of the lift underneath the BMW and raised it up every so slightly. He proceeded to loosen the wheel lug nuts on all 4 wheels. I popped the bonnet open and lifted it up.

Service Process


At Cartisan, we use state of the art inspection tools in the form of mobile apps. I set about inspecting the vehicle and creating a report just as the Mechanic got to work.


Filter Replacements




The Mechanic removed the engine cover to reveal the air filter underneath it. Its worth pointing out that since the engine is a bigger one, the X5 has a much larger oval shaped air filter as opposed to the box shaped one you might find in smaller engines. The Mechanic removed this air filter and replaced it with a brand new one from Hengst.



The Mechanic located the oil filter which sits on the right side of the engine block. He removed it and installed a brand new oil filter from Hengst.


Owing to the bigger sized engine & therefore air intake, the BMW X5 is equipped with not one but two cabin air filters to filter the air that enters the cabin. The Mechanic removed the older cabin air filters and installed brand new ones from Hengst into the cabin filter housing.


The Mechanic used the two post lift to raise the BMW up so he could unscrew the engine oil drain nut. By doing so, he drained out the engine oil completely.


He located the fuel filter of the BMW which is underneath & situated towards the middle-left of the BMW’s chassis. The Mechanic removed the fuel filter and replaced it with a brand new filter from Hengst.



The Mechanic removed the wheels one by one from the X5. He unscrewed the caliper pins from the caliper assembly and opened the brake caliper covers. He removed the brake pads from the caliper brackets, cleaned them and fitted them back to the caliper brackets.



The Cartisan Mechanic finally mounted the wheels back onto the X5 and lowered it down to the ground.


With the Mechanic’s help, I carried out a last round of inspection and after a test drive, I could confirm that all systems were ok.

BMW Service – Simplified


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Looking forward to serving you soon! You can watch the video of the service in the player below!

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