2012 Audi Q7 Maintenance Service

2012 Audi Q7 Maintenance Service

Are you looking for an alternative to your regular service center? Tired of expensive service costs? Not sure what’s happening to your car? Cartisan recently carried out an Audi Maintenance Service. The model was a 2012 Q7, 3.0 TDi Quattro. The Q7 had clocked around 1,00,000 km on the odometer.


The customer requested for a quote which Cartisan provided. The service was scheduled. The Cartisan team arrived at the customer’s location at the specified date and time, ready to carry out a service.



Audi Maintenance Service – 2012 Q7, 3.0 TDI Quattro


The Cartisan technician popped the bonnet open and raised the car up with the help of a hydraulic jack.



The technician removed the engine shield from underneath the car. He unscrewed the engine oil drain nut and allowed the engine oil to drain completely from the engine block.


The Cartisan technician removed the oil filter from the engine block and replaced it with a brand new oil filter from Hengst.



He removed the fuel filter which is located underneath the Q7’s chassis and replaced it with a brand new one from Hengst.



The Cartisan Technician removed the air filter from the filter housing, cleaned it & placed it back inside the housing. This was done because the filter was in good condition.


The technician removed the wheel lug nuts and unmounted each of the wheels. He opened the brake calipers and removed the brake pads from them. The technician cleaned the brake pads and placed them back into the brake calipers. He mounted all 4 wheels and lowered the Q7 to the ground.



The Cartisan technician opened the oil reservoir cap and poured 7 liters of 5W-40 Mitasu Platinum fully synthetic oil into it.


The Cartisan Adviser cranked the engine and took the Audi for a test drive.


Audi Maintenance Service – Simplified!


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