2011 BMW X1 Periodic Maintenance Service

2011 BMW X1 Periodic Maintenance Service

Cartisan recently carried out a BMW X1 service. The model was a 2011 SDrive20d. The car had driven 1,00,000km and was due for its periodic maintenance service.


Cartisan provided a quote to the customer and he agreed.


Cartisan picked up the car on the appointment date and time and took it to the closest Cartisan Preferred Workshop.

BMW X1 Service


The Cartisan adviser parked the car in the service bay. The technician popped open the bonnet. Before carrying out the service, the Cartisan technician carried out a complete checkup of the car’s electricals.


The Cartisan adviser located the air filter housing in the engine bay and removed the air filter from it. He installed a brand new air filter from Mann Filters into the housing and clamped it shut.



The technician removed the engine oil drain nut from underneath the engine bay and allowed the oil to drain out completely.


He located the oil filter inside the engine bay and unscrewed it. He placed a new oil filter from Mann Filter inside the oil filter cap and fitted it back into the engine block.



The cabin filter is located inside the engine bay of the BMW X1. The technician removed the cabin filter housing from the engine bay and removed the cabin filter from it. He installed a brand new cabin filter from Mann Filters in its place.



The technician used the two post lift to raise the car up. He located the fuel filter by removing the under chassis shield. The fuel filter is located underneath the car on the left side of the chassis. The technician replaced this fuel filter with a brand new one from Hengst.



BMW X1 Brake Overhaul


The Cartisan technician removed the wheels from the X1. In the front, the technician removed the brake calipers covers from the caliper bracket. He removed the brake pads from the calipers. The technician cleaned the pads and placed them back in the calipers.


The Cartisan technician removed the rear brake pads from the rear brake calipers, cleaned them and placed them back.



The technician observed that the brake pad wear material measured 6.1mm and 6.3mm for the front & rear brake pads respectively. This meant that the pads were good to run for another 5000km or so.



The technician mounted the wheels back onto the X1 and lowered the car down to the ground.


Finally, the technician poured approximately 5.5 liters of fully synthetic Mitasu 5W-40 engine oil into the engine block. The Cartisan adviser cranked the engine of the BMW.



The service adviser ran a series of checks against a checklist. He performed the BMW Service reset. He did this so the customer would get warned the next time the service was due.






BMW Maintenance & Service – Simplified


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BMW Maintenance & Service Costs


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Watch the video of the service on the player below.


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