2011 BMW 320d E90 Service

2011 BMW 320d E90 Service

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This article is written to briefly describe the way we at Cartisan carried out a 2011 BMW 320d E90 service.


The BMW 320d E90


The BMW 320d E90 is one of the purest forms of a car made in recent history. BMW, of course, makes are one of the best car manufacturers and make impeccable machines when it comes to Pure Driving Pleasure, they have definitely created the Ultimate Driving Machine in the 320d E90.


Inside, the car doesn’t feel too special rather, it feels very functional. BMW has done well by designing and positioning the buttons and knobs in a very sleek and sensible way respectively. From the 2010 E90 onwards, BMW gave the 320d electric power steering which makes driving the car in traffic much easier than the older generation.


A 2.0 diesel engine developed by BMW powers the 320d. It’s mated to a 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox which is always fun in sports mode. Gear shifts are quick and the engine revs freely all through the rev range giving you the constant pull along the powerband.


Once the traffic clears and you put your foot down, you’re served with the power of 160 or so horses, all delivered through the rear wheels. The steering is so agile you can almost think this car along the road, not just drive it! All this and much more put together, completes the masterpiece that is the BMW 320d. I could’ve gone on and on about this car, but we had a service to complete.


BMW 320d service


After picking up the 320d from its owner, I took it to the closest Cartisan Preferred Workshop where the Mechanic was waiting with the required tools to carry out the service. As part of a BMW 320d service, we were to replace the engine oil, oil, fuel, ac and air filters as well as clean the brake pads. Both front and rear.


I parked the BMW 320d in the service bay and popped open the bonnet. The Mechanic placed the arms of the two post lift underneath the BMW and loosened the wheel lug nuts.

Filter replacements


After opening the bonnet, he removed the air filter from the air filter housing and replaced it with a brand new one from Hengst.



The Mechanic removed the cabin filter which is located inside the engine bay for the 320d. It’s so long, it stretches across the engine bay of the 320d. He installed a brand new cabin filter from Hengst.



The Mechanic then removed the oil filter from the engine block and replaced it with a new one from Hengst.



At this point, the Mechanic raised the BMW 320d up so that he could unscrew the engine oil drain nut and drained out the engine oil completely. He then removed the fuel filter. The Mechanic installed a brand new fuel filter from Hengst.



Brake Overhaul


The Mechanic then removed each of the wheels. He opened the brake caliper covers and removed the brake pads from them. He cleaned the brake pads with sanding paper and placed them back inside the brake caliper cover and sealed the caliper shut. The Mechanic secured the caliper assembly by tightening the caliper pins.


As the service was in progress, I filled up a comprehensive Cartisan full-service checklist which would be sent to the owner of the car.



Finally, the Mechanic poured 5.5 litres of 5W-40 Fully Synthetic engine oil from Mitasu into the engine block



Servicing your BMW 320d – Simplified


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