2011 BMW 320D E90 Suspension Overhaul

2011 BMW 320D E90 Suspension Overhaul

 Written by Vfawke


This article is written to briefly describe the BMW 320d Suspension Replacement service we at Cartisan carried out.


BMW 320d E90


As i’ve already written in my BMW 320d Service article, the 320d is an absolute dream to drive. The car is nimble and highly responsive to steering input. The 320d puts all this power down on the road with a slightly stiff and sporty suspension set up from BMW.


Our customer for the day had a damaged front left shock absorber. This caused excessive noise while driving over speed bumps. The shock absorbers were also worn, which was identified by lack of damping effect while driving on rough roads.


Upon Cartisan’s recommendation, our customer decided to go with a complete front suspension overhaul for his BMW 320d.

BMW 320d Suspension Replacement


After I picked up the BMW 320d from the customer’s residence, I proceeded to the Cartisan Preferred workshop where the Mechanics was waiting with tools necessary to carry out the suspension overhaul.


On arrival, I parked the BMW 320d in the service bay and popped the bonnet open. The Mechanic lifted the bonnet up and secured the arms of the two post lift under the BMW. He loosened the wheel lug nuts of the front wheels of the BMW and used the lift to raise the car up.



Suspension Replacement – Components


The Mechanics removed the front wheels of the BMW. They then removed the under-chassis engine cover to reveal the suspension components.



Steering tie rod ends and ball joints form the connecting links between the steering rack and knuckle of the wheel hub. When you turn the steering wheel, its this component assembly that transfers the force from the steering rack to the wheels, causing them to turn. The Mechanic replaced these with brand new ones from Febi Bilstein.



The lower control arms control the vertical movement of the wheels and are crucial to the proper handling of the BMW. There are two types of control arms – the leading control arm and the trailing control arm. The Mechanics replace both of these control arms. We used Febi Bilstein control arms.



The shock absorber absorbs the forces exerted on the tyres from the road and together with the spring, control the pitching and rolling of the body of the car. The buufer and boot are placed on the shock absorber to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt. The strut mount forms the shock absorption layer between the shock absorber and the body of the car. The Mechanic assembles all these components together to form the strut assembly. We installed Bilstein Shock Absorbers and all the other components were from Febi Bilstein.



The Mechanic replaced both the stabilizer link rods. These along with the balance rod, maintain the balance between the suspension assembly on the right and left side of the BMW. He installed new stabilizer link rods from Febi Bilstein.


Work completed


After replacing all these components, the Mechanic lowered the car to the ground. While the service was going on, I had filled up a complete inspection checklist on my Cartisan service app. At the tap of a button, my checklist was instantly mailed to the customer.


I took the car to a tyre shop for wheel alignment. The workshop mechanics carried out this alignment by making adjustments to the suspension components of the 320d.


BMW Service & Repairs – Simplified


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Watch the video of the service here!

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