2010 Mercedes Benz C Class Brake Pad Replacement | C200 CGI

2010 Mercedes Benz C Class Brake Pad Replacement | C200 CGI

I’ve written this article to briefly describe a 2010 Mercedes Benz C Class Brake Pads Replacement. The Cartisan Service Team carried out this task using trained Cartisan Technicians, Service Engineers, proper tools & genuine Brembo brake components.



Mercedes Benz C Class – C200 CGI (W204)


The W204 is one of the most popular Mercedes’ on Indian roads. In fact, it was the best selling Mercedes’ of all time. In 2012, the Mercedes-Benz W204 was one of the best selling Mercedes’ in Britain as featured in Top 10 Best Selling Cars in Britain. The brand sold over 2.4 million W204’s worldwide.


The C200 CGI is equipped with a turbocharged, 16V inline-4 1.8 liter petrol which churns out around 180 brake horsepower. This makes the C200 a very quick car. That being said, when you get behind the wheel you get the feeling that the C200 wasn’t made for a quick sprint like the BMW 3 series. The C200 is car for the relaxed driver and even for those who would rather be chauffer driven.


The steering is light and easy. The build quality is sturdier than ever and the luxury is supreme. You might as well be sitting in an air craft.


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Mercedes Benz C Class Brake Pads Replacement


Cartisan recommended replacing the brake components of the C200 CGI W204 with parts from Brembo. The C200 was in need of new brake pads and brake rotors.



The Cartisan Service Team arrived at the customer’s doorstep with all the necessary tools. The Mechanic popped the bonnet open and removed the brake fluid reservoir cap. He did this so that it excess pressure wouldn’t build up in the brake fluid lines while he was replacing the brake pads.


The Mechanic used a hydraulic jack to lift the C200 up. He propped a stand underneath the car to secure the C200. The Mechanic removed the wheels on the left side of the car. Having removed the calipers, the Mechanic used a C-Clamp to decompress the caliper piston so that he would have sufficient space to install the brand new Brembo brake pads.



Before installing the brake pads, the Mechanic removed the brake rotors from the wheel hubs by unscrewing the small screw that holds the rotor in its place. He installed brand new brake rotors from Brembo.



After installing the brake rotors, the Mechanic went on to install the brand new brake pads from Brembo. Once he’d completed the installation, he screwed the calipers in place and mounted the wheels back on to the car. He repeated the same process for the brakes on the right wheels of the W204. The W204 uses a brake wear sensor to inform the driver when the brake pads are worn out. It uses one such sensor fitted to the front right brake pads.



Finally, the Cartisan Service Engineer took the C200 out for a test drive. He carried out a series of brake tests and confirmed that the work carried out was a success.


Mercedes-Benz Service & Repairs – Simplified


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