2010 Honda Civic FD2 Brakes replacement

2010 Honda Civic FD2 Brakes replacement

Cartisan recently carried out a 2010 Honda Civic FD2 brakes replacement. The customer was getting a squeaking noise while applying brakes as well as a mild shuddering sensation from the steering wheel under braking. Based on inspection by the Cartisan Service Team, it was determined that the following items required replacement

  • Front & Rear Brake Pads
  • Front & Rear Brake Rotors

A quote was provided to the customer. Once he accepted, the car was picked up and taken to the closest Cartisan Preferred Workshop to carry out the service.

2010 Honda Civic FD2 Brake Replacement process

Once the car reached the workshop, the bonnet was popped open, the brake reservoir cap was unscrewed and the service was underway.

The front wheels were removed, the brake caliper was unmounted from the brake rotors, and the brake pads were removed. Next, the brake rotors were unmounted from the wheel hub.

Brand new front brake rotors were then mounted onto the wheel hubs, followed by the brake caliper being mounted onto the brake rotors. The new brake pads were then slotted into the brake calipers and the calipers were then screwed shut.

This process was repeated for the rear brake rotors and brake pads as well.

Once the work was completed, the car was then taken for a test drive to confirm that the work was carried out successfully.

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